Happy Star Wars Day?

Happy Star Wars Day! No – not you, Expanded Universe. Actually, we need to talk. It’s…it’s not working out, I’m afraid. I think we should see other plotlines.


For the first time in many years, this ‘Star Wars Day’ feels like it genuinely offers A New Hope. The cast has been announced bringing back many old favourites (No Lando?) and offering up an intriguing array of new actors. Of course, until the plot synopsis is released, we won’t know if the traditionally beloved elements (intergalactic trade tariff legislation, procedural politics, vaguely racist stereotype aliens, terrible dialogue) will make it into this latest iteration of the world’s biggest franchise but there are causes for optimism.

For one thing, everything that made JJ Abrams a wrong fit for “Star Trek” makes him a perfect fit for “Star Wars”. Often touted as the new Steven Spielberg, Abrams is actually far more similar to Lucas. They both have an eye for spectacle, action and prefer breakneck pacing and set pieces over plot logic or character consistency. Abrams also has an ear for dialogue, which can only be a blessing after the leaden prose of the prequel trilogy.

It also seems, on reports, that the special effects this time around are going to be more akin to the originals: the era of complete CGI environments is over and physical sets are making a comeback. There are even whispers of a full-scale Millennium Falcon being built again.

With some casting news still to come (Lando?) the next 20 months are sure to be a rollercoaster for every Star Wars – Hell, every movie fan – until we get the most exciting Christmas present in 2015: new “Star Wars”.

Despite the fact I can remember the crushing sense of bewildered disappointment upon seeing “The Phantom Menace”, I’m starting to feel the flicker of the old fire of anticipation for “Star Wars” – not bad for a film series that’s only ever given us two (maybe two and a half) great movies in the past 34 years.

Until know more we do, only wait and hope we can.

May the Force be with us all.