30 Nights Of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2012) Review

30nightsAs I think I’ve admitted before, I’ve got a real soft spot for spoof movies. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for scattergun comedy – I even found some things to enjoy in “Disaster Movie” – but this one really pushed its luck. There’s more to making a spoof than just cramming in as many pop-culture references as you can while aping the plot of a famous movie. Most of the jokes here are tired, predictable and more likely to provoke eye-rolling and watch-checking than ROFLing and it’s not helped by the fact the humour in mocking found footage horror films has been pretty much mined out by too many other films, including marginally better than this fare such as “A Haunted House“.

The plot bumbles around, stringing together non-sequiturs and irrelevant references in a way that’s too inconsistent to even be considered a sketch comedy movie. Writer/ Director Craig Moss seems oblivious to the fact that simply throwing you and your friends’ favourite in-jokes and riffs onto the screen doesn’t necessarily make for a funny movie. Abraham Lincoln (Vampire Slayer) feel as awkward and out of place here as he did in his own movie while a cameo appearance by Bane (featured prominently on the poster) serves to bemuse rather than amuse.

The production values are actually quite good, which just makes it all the more annoying that good money was spent on creating this rubbish. Seriously, nearly anything you chose to do with the $3,000,000 this reputedly cost to produce would have been a better use of the money.

Despite all its flaws, there are still one or two small chuckles in amongst the absurdly random references and jumbled mess of a plot, but it’s barely worth sitting through all the dross to find them.

2/10 Score 2

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