WolfCop (2014) Review

When a werewolf film chooses to show its first transformation mid-urination – and cock first – you know the movie’s got no intention of dicking around. “WolfCop”, released in the UK on BluRay and DVD, unashamedly delivers on the promise of its title with a retro flair that makes it feel like a long-lost classic from the pulpy, grindhouse horror movies of the ‘80s.

When alcoholic slacker cop Lou Garou wakes up after a particularly rough night, he discovers that he’s been left with a real yearning for the hair of the dog that bit him. But struggling under a monthly curse is just the beginning for our lupine lawman as he discovers his transformation is merely the starting point for a mysterious ritual and a sinister cabal of hooded figures will stop at nothing to get their hands on his furry hide.

With its tongue firmly planted behind its canines, this is a cheesy, cheap and cheerful throwback of a horror comedy that delivers laughs and gore in equal measure as it careers through its so-crazy-it-kinda-works-plot. The practical effects and make up are pretty great, from Lou’s lycanthropic transmogrifications to a delightfully grisly and literal interpretation of “Face/Off”. Of course, as befits its grindhouse pedigree, there’s plenty of tits and ass to go along with the action including the hairiest love scene since Sherilyn Fenn metaphorically and actually did the beast with two backs with the beast in 1990’s “Meridian”.

This is not a film which will give you nightmares or send you scrambling behind the sofa to safety but it’s a rambunctious and fun car crash of comedy, horror, vigilante action and supernatural jiggery-pokery that adds up to a hell of a good time. If you’re planning a midnight movie marathon to celebrate Halloween, then “WolfCop” absolutely deserves a place in your monster mash. I had a lot fun with it and if comedy/ horror is your thing, I reckon you will too.


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