Arrow (S1E11 to S1E23) Catchup Vol. 3

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I bet you thought I’d forgotten about my “Arrow”-thon, hadn’t you? Well, I hadn’t – in fact the opposite occurred and I got so caught up in Season 1’s unfolding plotlines that I decided to accelarate my own “Undertaking” and just keep watching rather than pausing to write up every few episodes. As such, this post is going to be short on details but big on praise, because I think Arrow’s first season was one of the best debut seasons I’ve ever seen from a genre show. Usually, they take one or two seasons to find their feet, with Season 3 being the one that really flies. It was true of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” to name but a few.

As I write this, I’m two thirds of the way through Season 2 of “Arrow” and hoping to be caught up with both “Arrow” and “The Flash” by the time both shows come back from their mid-season hiatus but casting my mind back, these are the things that stuck in my head from Season 1:

Malcom Merlyn’s plot seemed only a couple of steps away from Mr Burns’ attempt to block out the sun in terms of cartoonish super-villainy but the consipracy around it, and the players involved in it was pretty gripping. The shifting allegiances kept my interest and there were some really nice, bad ass moments for Moira, notably shooting the vigilante and especially throwing her co-consipiritor to the wolves when the attempt to kill Merlyn went wrong. Her eleventh hour decision to go public definitely piqued my interest for season two.

While Oliver’s showdown with Merlyn was a bit of an anti-climax (something of a surprise for a series that usually does action so well), I was so impressed by the series having the guts to let the hero fail, with both Tommy dying and half of The Glades being destroyed despite Oliver’s best efforts. I’d originally thought Tommy would end up being a villain based on the earlier episodes but once he discovered Oliver’s secret, I knew he wouldn’t last long.

There’s a bunch of other great stuff I’ve glossed over from Season 1, including Felicity’s growth as a character, the relationship between Diggle and Oliver as they become each other’s moral recalibrators and the stuff with Thea and Roy. With hindsight, there’s a lot of stuff being lined up for Season 2 as well but I’m not going to go into that – I’m just going to carry on watching. I’ve got everything I need with my Season 2 box set and then 18 episodes of “Arrow” and “The Flash” stored on my Sky+ box.

But trust me, if like me you hadn’t really given Arrow a chance, give it another go. You won’t be disappointed!

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