Who likes short shorts? Danny And The Wild Bunch (2014) Short Film Review

DannyAndTheWildBunchThe recent Oscar ceremony got me thinking about the Short Film categories. Thanks to platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, a whole world of Short films have opened up to everyone from the devoted fan to the casual viewer; I try and watch them whenever I can. I’ve got a ‘to watch’ list a mile long and I’ve decided to share the best ones I come across. The best thing about it is you can watch them too, because if I can, I’ll embed them in right here in the post! The first one is this little gem from writer/ director Robert Rugan:

When children’s author Miranda is told by her publisher that her book needs to be ‘darker’, she reluctantly makes the changes. But the changes don’t go down well at all with her characters…

This quirky adventure may start off like Pixar-light but keep watching as it takes a deliciously dark turn that Roald Dahl would be proud of. It’s also a nice commentary on the growing trend for grim/dark to be the flavour of choice, as if being light, and fun and optimistic somehow lacks credibility or substance. I with the makers of “Man Of Steel” could have seen this.


Seen a short film you’ve loved or would recommend? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

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