And Now A Word To Our Sponsors…

If you’ll excuse a brief moment of confessional self-promotion and collection tin rattling, I’d like to use this opportunity to tell you that I’ve signed up for a charity fundraising ‘3 Peaks Challenge’, meaning I’ve given myself four mountains to climb.



The_Simpsons-Jeff_AlbertsonI am, it must be admitted, not in great shape. I know, shocking right? A cinema-frequenting, overweight movie geek? Who ever heard of such a thing?

Well, all that sitting down, scoffing popcorn, pick ‘n’ mix and nachos have taken their toll. The truth is, I’m about one ponytail away from being this guy:

But enough is enough, and it’s time I stopped looking like Comic Book Guy and started trying to look like a Comic Book hero. So what better way to start than to raise a little bit of money for charity, get myself motivated and back in some semblance of shape than to hike up some of the UK’s highest mountains?



Okay, maybe not every mountain, but certainly some of them. Three, to be precise: Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon, across two days in September this year. That gives me three months to get myself into some semblance of the shape I’ll need to be in to scale three peaks and survive.



There’s a big group of us doing it, so my individual fundraising target is fairly modest, and every single £1 will help motivate me and enable the charity I am fundraising for, the Zurich Community Trust to continue its excellent work. You can sponsor me here by clicking through to my VirginMoneyGiving page here:


If you’re not a fan of my movie blogging, then sponsor me so that I am motivated to be out training and not inside writing. If you do like my reviews, then sponsor me so that I get fitter and will therefore be able to continue blogging for many years to come. It really is win/win!

I’ll post the occasional update blog in amongst the movie articles between now and September just to keep you updated and me focussed. Encouragement, comments and epic motivational speeches all welcome, in the comments section below or on Twitter @TheCraggus.


I’ll tracking my progress and efforts using Fitbit, so if you’ve got a Fitbit too, why not become my Fitbit Friend and cheer me/ taunt me on?

maxresdefaultFITBIT FRIEND ME


You can find out more about the huge range of initiatives and acitivites the Zurich Community Trust is involved in by visiting their website here:

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