Quarantine 2

I really enjoyed “Quarantine”; it was fast paced and energetic. It was chaotic and this brought with it the scary thrill factor you want and expect from a film like this. The gist being there’s a crazy virus causing rage/ violence/ zombification. Anyone in the vicinity is at risk and the only form of control is to wait for all the infected to kill each other then dispose of the bodies. The first film didn’t bring anything new to the genre but what it did do is do it well on a moderate budget.

However, this was entirely missing from the 2nd instalment of this (hopefully complete) franchise. This one was set on a plane – I’m sure the attempt here was to induce a claustrophobic atmosphere in the confined space of a flight. It tried to tie in the first one with new footage of what was happening back in LA but even that was obvious, slow and clunky exposition. The action was not particularly pacey and the horror content was derivative and has been done better elsewhere.

If you want to see better versions of this film watch the original “Quarantine”, “28 Days Later”, “Dawn Of The Dead”(the 2004 version), or “World War Z”. Better yet, watch “Rec”, the Spanish film that ‘inspired’ “Quarantine” in the first place.



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  1. Laura October 7, 2015

    Ha! I quite liked this one , too, although the sequel was AWFUL! As you say, Rec is loads better.

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