Craggus’ Quincentennial Post


So, here we are: Post 500. How time flies when you’re having fun!

After five hundred posts (and somewhere north of 420,000 words), it’s pretty clear I’m in this movie blogging for the long haul. That being the case, it’s high time then that I addressed some of the scandalous gaps in my film viewing history.

I’ve seen a lot of movies over the years, but there are still gaps in my back catalogue. Gaps that no self-respecting film buff should tolerate; significant or renowned films I haven’t seen yet. So, before this year is out, I’m going to take care of 26 of these ‘blind spots’ and tackle an A to Z of movies I missed. 2016 will be my ‘gap year’.

For some of the letters, it was a tough choice narrowing it down to just one (and as you’ll see on ‘G’ I cheated a bit) – for others (*cough* ‘X’ *cough*) it was a bit of a stretch to find something but overall, I’m satisfied with the list. But if you can think of a more important film that I really should have seen for a particular letter, let me know in the comments. If I’ve already seen it, no worries but if not, and it’s better than the one I was planning to watch, then I’ll update the list.

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Apocalypse Now

Bridge On The River Kwai





Godfather Trilogy*

Heaven’s Gate


Judgement At Nuremberg


Lawrence Of Arabia



One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest




The Seventh Seal

Taxi Driver



The Warriors

X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes

Young Frankenstein

Zero Hour!

My plan is to start posting the blogs – one a week – from around June time, so there’s plenty of time for you to suggest alternatives (Q and X options most welcome!)

* I’m cheating twice here. I’m waiving through the whole trilogy instead of just one film and technically I have seen two of them but they were edited together into chronological order.



  1. Rachel February 8, 2016

    Good selection, funny thing is I’ve probably seen more of that list than I have the new ones 🙂 was going to suggest Raging Bull but you have Taxi Driver in there!

  2. Rodney Twelftree February 8, 2016

    Congrats on 500 posts, dude! I remember way back when, when I hit that magical number. Seems so long ago, LOL!! Anyway, I look forward to reading your “blind spot” series! I have no recommendations for X and Q but I’m sure I’ll think of something later.

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