Superb Owl’s Trailer Hootenanny #1

Hi guys, it’s Superb Owl here again with a look back at this week’s big trailer releases. What’s worth giving a hoot about this week?

Venom (UK Release Date: 5th October 2018)

Well, the big news was probably Sony giving us our first glimpse of “Venom” although, well, of course, we don’t actually get a first glimpse of Venom. Just Tom Hardy in what – without the ominous music – could easily look like a harrowing medical drama. Still, by not showing Venom himself, Sony neatly sidesteps two things: one, principle photography’s just wrapped so the CGI may be nowhere near ready (and given how tolerant and patient fandom is these days, nobody wants to release even a sinlge image of incomplete and unpolished CGI and kill a film before its release) and two: as soon as we see Venom we’ll know whether or not there’s a Spider-Man in the movie’s universe. Because if there isn’t, there’ll have to be an explanation for why Venom looks like he does. Until Sony settle that question, the MCU is always going to be the spectre at the feast for this one.

Hoot Rating:

Untitled Deadpool Sequel (UK Release Date: 16 May 2018)

Well, they’re certainly not shying away from the freewheeling, fourth-wall-busting, DGAF attitude of the first one and, if anything, they’re doubling down on it. The marketing’s now focussing on introducing the general audience to Cable, a mutant from the future with the power to embody everything about comic book superheroes in the 1990s. We get glimpses of other characters, both old and new and while the story remains somewhat opaque it’s clear we’re in for another crazy thrill-ride. I don’t think anyone really expects this one to fall flat, but the real risk for “Untitled Deadpool Sequel” (I really hope they keep that title) is that, in trying too hard to top the first one, they end up over-revving the engine and stall.

Hoot Rating:

Jessica Jones: Season 2 (UK Release Date: 8 March 2018)

Away from the cinema, Netflix has released a trailer for the forthcoming second season of “Jessica Jones”. One of the strongest parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s TV suburb, it looks like we’re going to delve into Jessica’s past and find out how she came to get her powers. There are hints of a stronger connection to the wider MCU and more references to the mysterious ‘them’ who are responsible for Jessica’s situation but if all that’s not enough to get you back in binge-watch mode, then surely Kilgrave’s clap back at the end of the trailer will!

Hoot Rating:

That’s all for this week so until more new trailers hit, Owl be seeing you!


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