A Very Special Superb Owl’s Trailer Hootenanny: #AvengersInfinityWar Trailer Released

Image (C) 4steex (http://4steex.deviantart.com)Owlvengers assemble! Superb Owl here, with the tastiest trailer of the week – bar none. As if the movie needed any more hype, Marvel have unleashed one final trailer in advance of the Avengers’ biggest movie ever. It made my head spin, I can tell you!

Avengers: Infinity War
(UK Release Date: 26 April 2018)

Ten years and eighteen movies in the making, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s the beginning of the end – but the moment has been prepared for. I’m not sure anyone really believed it would come to this – there were doubts the studio would manage to pull of the first “Avengers” movie back in 2012 yet here we are, closing out Phase 3 with a third team-up movie bigger than anyone could have imagined.  Feast your strigine peepers on this…

Hoot Rating:


Aw, man. I think I have a new go-to “Current Mood” meme!

Iron Owl Image © @4steex. Visit http://4steex.deviantart.com or Facebook to see more art or https://society6.com/4steex to buy prints and other merchandise.

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