Album Review: I’m Still A Gribly by Locate The Harbour

Mr B here, mysterious new music correspondent for What The Craggus Saw. My first review is of a DIY Punk Emo release “I’m Still A Gribly” by Southampton artist Locate The Harbour, a seven-song EP which consists of songs that ‘perfectly sum up mine and my friends’ teens/early20s’ according to the ‘sleeve notes’.

Here the heart is very much on the sleeve, as on the acoustic title track the singer cries ‘the thought of growing up is scaring me to death’ and the concerns of looming responsibility are reinforced by a cover of “Scrubs” theme tune “Superman” – ‘I can’t do this all on my own’. Aside from the late adolescent lyrical feelings, the guitars and music come straight at you.  The opener “Progress Report” starts with some psychedelia before moving into the Alt-Rock sounds that continue throughout the album.  This leaves the song a little disjointed but sets the theme of the album.  “Canada Day” and “Black Jeans” are grunge pop, with clean undistorted guitars at the fore and the vocal could be mixed a little higher as the album just sounds loud with the instrumental backing.

After a little acoustic break with “I’m Still A Gribly”, “Vertigo Falling” is another Pop punk grunge anthem and probably the best track here.  The album climaxes with “Automatic Negative Thoughts” which starts dreamily before building up into an electrifying loop.  We then have a bonus track “Superman” referred to previously.

Overall a good effort, which although it doesn’t quite carve out a unique identity for itself within the genre, the pressure of finding a place is at the heart of what the album is trying to say.  Growing up is indeed hard to do.


You can listen to “I’m Still A Gribly” and download it for free below.


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