Craggus’ Countdown To Infinity: Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Having restored peace to the Nine Realms, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returns to Asgard in triumph. Meanwhile on Earth, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) stumbles across a dimensional rift where the Aether has long been hidden. Her disappearance is noted by Heimdall, prompting Thor to return to Earth but her discovery of the Aether has also awakened Malekith (Christopher Ecclestone), leader of the Dark Elves, who seeks to use the Aether to return the universe to darkness.

Oft-malined as one of the weakest MCU entries, I think “Thor: The Dark World” is a lot of fun. Yes, the Jane Foster stuff is generally quite weak, but Hemsworth’s Thor is never less than entertaining and some of the Erik Selvig stuff is downright hilarious. It’s only really let down by its villains, with complainer-in-chief Christopher Ecclestone’s Malekith particularly *ahem* aneamic.

This was the first MCU movie I took Mertmas to see without having checked it out first and watching it with him at seven years old, with him wearing his red cape and carrying his toy Mjolnir, “Thor: The Dark World” is always going to be a film I have a soft spot for.

Here’s what I said in my original review: Thor: The Dark World (2013) Review

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Not only is there a new Infinity Stone on the block – the Aether turns out to be the Reality Stone – it’s the least stony thing you’ve ever seen (kind of like a red and black mist) – but that doesn’t stop it from being named as an Infinity Stone for the first time in dialogue.

The Collector (Benicio Del Toro), the first character to confirm there are six Infinity Stones in total.

Fandral (Zachary Levi)

Stan Lee is a fellow patient at the hospital where Erik Selvig is explaining the impending dimensional Convergence using assorted footwear.

Chris Evans pops up as Captain America when Loki teases Thor.

The mid-credits scene sees Volstagg and Sif take the Aether to The Collector to store in his collection on Knowhere, teasing not only “Guardians Of The Galaxy” but also that either The Collector is working for Thanos or intends to possess the Infinity Stones himself.

Zachary Levi replaced Joshua Dallas as Fandral due to the latter’s commitment on “Once Upon a Time”. Levi had been the original choice but had to pass up the role due to his commitment to “Chuck”.


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