Superb Owl’s Trailer Hootenanny #11

T’wit-t’who’s ready for some more trailers? I know I am, so unruffle your feathers, sharpen those talons and lets see what we can hunt down!

The Hollow Child (UK Release Date: TBC)

I’m still a bit jittery from the “Hereditary” trailer, but creeping out of the woods is this Canadian horror flick which should be arriving in the UK sometime this year. Featuring some Trolls which are almost the exact opposite to Princess Poppy and her peppy pals, this looks to be a decent possession horror with some striking visuals and a neat line in making children super creepy again. You can bet I’ll be checking over my shoulder the next time I go hunting voles in the forest!

Hoot Rating:



The Predator (UK Release Date: 14 September 2018)

Ooh, that’s a shame. It’s got a cracking cast and, in Shane Black, a pedigree writer and director but somehow this trailer just seems ‘meh’. The whole point of the Predator movies was that they were a hunter species that liked to pit themselves against the biggest, baddest prey the universe had to offer. That’s how they got their rocks off. But now they’re apparently genetically splicing themselves with other species to improve themselves (how very xenomorph of them) and then popping down to suburbia to pick up a six-pack of squishy civilians. Terribly unsporting. As one predator to another, I’d advise against splicing your DNA with your prey and just stick to being bad-ass invisible killing machines. The people involved have too much going for them to completely write this one off just yet but there’s no denying this trailer makes the film look like one disappointing motherf**ker.

Hoot Rating:


Luke Cage: Season 2 (UK Release Date: 14 September 2018)

Of all the Netflix MCU characters, Luke Cage is the one who always seemed to be having the most fun, the most adjusted to his great powers and the attendant responsibilities. So it’s quite exciting to see him getting to settle into his role as the Hero of Harlem just long enough for it to really hurt when he encounters a new supervillain, Bushmaster, whose superpower seems to be ‘punching Luke Cage’. With a guest appearance from Iron Fist to look forward to as well, this is shaping up to be another cracking season for this Hero for Hire.

Hoot Rating:


Until next week, Owl be seeing you!

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