Superb Owl’s Hootenanny #12

Hoot hoot! What a bounty I’ve sunk my claws into this week. I’ve had a successful hunt and brought back trailers aplenty to feed you, my little Hootenanny fledgelings! Let’s dig in!

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (UK Release Date: 26 July 2018)

The moustache that defeated the Justice League. That’s a little unfair, as the moustache may have been a CGI lightning rod for mockery but here in all its bristly glory, the sacrifice seems worth it. There’s no sign of the latest M:I movie deviating from its successful blend of Tom Cruise’s mid-life crisis driven stunt escalations and keeping supporting cast members around to fill up the background. Much like his Avengers pals, his IMF buddies seem to have no room for Jeremy Renner (“Tag” better be worth it) but he’s unlikely to be missed among a cast boasting Rebecca Ferguson, Alex Baldwin, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Angela Bassett. Slick, professional and action-packed, the franchise keeps powering on and, along with “John Wick” and “Fast And The Furious“, fighting for the premiere action movie franchise crown. Bond isn’t even in the race anymore.

Hoot Rating:


Bohemian Rhapsody (UK Release Date: 24 October 2018)

From one great British moustache to another, we finally get to see a little bit more than the silhouetto of a man who bestrode the British Rock scene like a stone cold crazy colossus. While everybody can see that Rami Malek makes a great pretender, the jury still seems to be out on just how bohemian the movie will show Freddie to be while rhapsodising about his glorious musical career. To be honest, if there isn’t at least one scene with dwarves wandering around a party with bowls of cocaine on the heads I think I’ll go slightly mad. That being said, I recognise that although I want it all, they need to trim his life down to a workable movie length so of the many, many legendary stories about the man, we can’t be too sad if another one (or two) bites the dust; you have to play the game. But as long as we see Freddie being a good old-fashioned lover boy searching for somebody to love with plenty of innuendo and fat-bottomed girls even when it’s a hard life, it’ll be a miracle. Of course, director Dexter Fletcher is under pressure to prove the show must go on after the producers didn’t wait for the hammer to fall on the previous one’s vision but the trailer feels like a breakthru and although pain is so close to pleasure, I think we might be in for a kind of magic.


BlacKkKlansman (UK Release Date: 24 August 2018)

Spike Lee’s back behind the camera for this timely retelling of a true story of Detective Ron Stallworth, an African American detective who infiltrates the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and eventually becomes the head of the chapter. With a cast led by John David Washington and Adam Driver, this true-life crime comedy-drama will likely still pack a punch despite its deceptively breezy tone.

Hoot Rating:


Mile 22 (UK Release Date: 10 August 2018)

Despite lacking the support of the Funky Bunch, Marky Mark manages to outpace Eminem by some 14 miles in this tense, muscular thriller.  While Wahlberg’s commitment to roles can be incredibly variable, Director Peter Berg has a tendency to bring the best out in him and, since “Battleship” has been on pretty solid run of grounded action thrillers.

Hoot Rating:


The Happytime Murders (UK Release Date: 24 August 2018)

It’s time to face the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to face the identity parade in the police station tonight. ‘Mature’ Puppet live-action mixes have been done before, notably in TV series “Angel” and “The Fuzz” but this R-rated comedy (the trailer’s NSFW by the way) owes more, it seems, to “Avenue Q” than “Sesame Street”. With Director Brian “Muppet Christmas Carol” Henson directing and a non-felt cast which includes Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale and Elizabeth Banks, this could be one of the breakout hits of the year, as well as Furries’ dreams come true.

Hoot Rating:


A-X-L (UK Release Date: tbc)

Robot dogs have come a long way since Muffit in “Battlestar Galactica” and K-9 in “Doctor Who” and while you’re busy watching “The Happytime Murders”, you’ll want something for the kids to watch. Aimed squarely at the audience sector “Monster Trucks” tried for and missed so badly, this looks like a 21st century teen-friendly update of “Short Circuit”. With an 80’s style vibe and endearingly practical looking effects, “A-X-L” has the potential to be a cheesy bundle of fun.

Hoot Rating:



Phew! That’s it for this week’s Hootenanny. Until next week, Owl be seeing you!

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