Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist Series Review

In August 28th 2003 Brian Wells enters a bank in Erie Pennsylvania armed with a gun cane. He hands a note to the teller instructing them to give him $250,000. The teller, unable to open the vault, hands him $8,000, Brian takes a lollipop and calmly strolls out into the warm sunshine.

He is then spotted by Police nearby and is immediately arrested and handcuffed. The Police then discover he has a device attached to his neck and it is rigged to explode. A safety zone is created around the individual. The bomb squad are called and nearby news outlets are alerted and on the scene. Three minutes before the squad arrive the device detonates, killing Brian on live television.
From the minds of the Duplass Brothers comes yet another compelling true crime documentary that has to be seen to be believed. What unravels over the course of four all-too-brief episodes is a story so idiotic, yet incredibly complex, that had it become a Hollywood film no-one would believe it!

To give more away would diminish the journey but what originally seemed an innocuous attempt at basic cowardly greed, slowly transpires into a complex web of deceit, manipulation, blackmail and a chess game between a pair of dysfunctional and highly intelligent criminals who loathe and love each other in equal parts. Essential viewing.

Watch this if you liked: “Making A Murderer”, “The Keepers”, “Wild Wild Country”, “Fargo”


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