Superb Owl presents A Very Special Trailer Hootenanny: Aquaman!

“Under DC”

A musical tribute to Aquaman (to the tune of, well…you’ll figure it out)

The team-ups are always greater
In some other universe
So the league tried teaming up here
But that only made it worse
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?
Under DC
Under DC
Atlantis is better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me
Up in Gotham they do it wrong
Branding the bad guys all night long
While we be drinkin’
Broodin’ and thinkin’
Under the sea

Down here there are no moustaches
That don’t come with manly beards
Tattoos on the bod like Maui
Leather trousers , I know – it’s weird
The king of the fish got lucky
Kal-el got a worser fate
One day when the boss get angry
His movie wiped from the slate!
(Oh no!)
Under DC
Under DC
They want to mix up
With killing sprees
We what the audience doesn’t love
Thanks to exec notes from above
So we have gotten
Tomatoes that’s rotten
Under DC (Under DC)
Under DC (Under DC)
Since Justice League bombed
We got our own pond
To swim and be free (Naturally)
So James Wan he got his way
And all the merfolk get to play
We’ll give it spirit
You get to see it
Fun from DC

Lungren is the king
Kidman is his queen
Patrick Wilson is bad
And Black Manta’s mean
The whales and the sharks
Have character arcs
Vulko is the duke of sole
As Arthur Curry
Momoa is great
Which is a good thing
For DCEU’s fate
The fans and the cast
They know what has passed
An’ hope that it don’t blow

Yeah, under DC (Under DC)
Under DC (Under DC)
When Snyderistas
Gather protesters
It’s music to me (It’s music to me)
What do they want? A Snyder cut
Well they can stick it up their butt
Aquaman’s here now
To save the year now
Under DC
Each fishy FX
Earning those paychecks
Under DC
Each movie fan sees
Momoa’s the bee’s knees
And he’ll be hotter
Under the water
If we in luck here
They won’t muck it up here
Under DC!!!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, buoys and gills, here it is….the brand new Aquaman trailer!

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