Nailed It! Season Two Review

Back in 1989, Kylie Minogue released a single from “Enjoy Yourself”, her second studio album, called “Wouldn’t Change A Thing”. It perfectly encapsulates how I felt when I learned “Nailed It” was coming back for a second season:

If I had to do it all again
I wouldn’t change a single thing
There’s no questioning in my heart
When it comes to our love
I wouldn’t change a thing

I-I-I-I wouldn’t change
I-I-I-I wouldn’t change
I-I-I-I wouldn’t change
I-I-I-I wouldn’t change a thing.

Often, when a ‘little show that can’ breaks out, it’s hastily renewed, given some extra money and a general polishing up. Sometimes the presenters or cast change slightly as the network eyes loftier ambitions. Thankfully, none of this has happened with Netflix’s delightfully chaotic “Nailed It”. It continues to power through a series of farcical baking challenges, powered by the intoxicating onscreen chemistry between Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres with a third guest judge for each episode having to get on board with the giggle-prone duo or risk being left behind by a whirlwind silliness and sugar.

While Season 2 may lack the jaw-dropping moment when a guest judge suddenly realised he had to go and pick up his kids, leaving the recording of the show only to return later, there are still plenty of laugh-out-loud moments from presenters, contestants and bakes alike.

Clocking in at a breezy 30 or so minutes an episode, this is a series you can binge watch in a single evening if you lack the discipline to limit yourself to one sweet treat a day, the second season contains a bonus crossover episode with the “Queer Eye” guys (I initially thought it might be outtakes and bloopers until I realised the whole show is borderline outtakes) which features a transformation that you won’t be expecting.


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