1,000th Post Spectacular!

Okay, so ‘spectacular’ might be overselling it, but nevertheless here we are: our 1,000th post and still going strong. Well, still going at least.

Over the past 1,000 posts, there have been a lot of highs:

not forgetting our most-viewed post ever: 

And some lows: I’ve made zero, ZERO progress on this bold plan from 2016’s 500th Blog post and Ten Tag Reviews went precisely nowhere!

Nevertheless, we’ve got exciting things planned, not least of all Shark Weak 2 which launches tomorrow. Looking further ahead, Superb Owl, our trailer correspondent, has been busy prepping a new regular Friday feature so keep your eyes peeled for that and we’ve got something special planned for Halloween this year too. I may even get round to doing that AtoZ blindspot list from the 500th Blog Post…

Of course, we’ll keep posting reviews of all the movies and TV series we can find time to watch and throwing in the odd bit of nonsense along the way (have I told you how I’d bring the Fantastic Four back in to the MCU?).

In the meantime, thanks for reading. As long as you guys keep doing that, we’ll keep writing.

Here’s to the next 1,000 posts!