Super-Movie Secret Wars: Group Stages Day 3

It’s Day Three of the Super-Movie Secret Wars and with half the next round competitors confirmed, there are plenty of ties the remaining movies will be hoping to avoid.

You can vote for two from each group.

The two movies with the most votes in each group will go through to the next round, where winners from one group will face off against runners-up from another.

Voting closes at 12:00 13th April 2019

Remember: you can vote for the best, your favourites, your guilty pleasures, the most artistically or culturally significant, the biggest box office blockbusters or bombs – it’s up to you. Ladies & Gentlemen, cast your votes!


This group is dominated by Batman v Superman: camp and colourful edition. Can the X-Men sneak through to the next round?


Twenty-first century world-building takes on Eighties whimsy. Who will win?


It’s hard to see past the helmeted heads topping this group but could the Power of Grayskull cause an upset?


It’s a family affair as four groups of supers face off for a spot in the next round. Suicide Squad is *like* a family, right?


Realistically, the race in this group is for second place…distant second place.


Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of voters?


Underdog is living up to his name in this darkly dominated group.


With OG super movie Superman believing a man can fly into the next round, who’ll be riding his capetails?

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