Super-Movie Secret Wars: Group Stages Last Day

It’s the last day of the Group stages and with only sixteen slots left available, it’s all to play for especially if movies want to avoid a tough tie in the next round.

You can vote for two from each group.

The two movies with the most votes in each group will go through to the next round, where winners from one group will face off against runners-up from another.

Voting closes at 12:00 14th April 2019

Remember: you can vote for the best, your favourites, your guilty pleasures, the most artistically or culturally significant, the biggest box office blockbusters or bombs – it’s up to you. Ladies & Gentlemen, cast your votes!


There’s a real grudge match in this group as the Avengers Assemble to take on Batman v Superman. Will Unbreakable or Blade II be able to capitalise on the big two slugging it out to sneak through?


Origins are big in this group, with ASM2 trying to originate a bit too much for one movie. But who’ll claw their way through to the next round?


Get out your flanel checked shirt and start listening to grunge again – it’s an all-nineties showdown for Group 27.


A tough group for recent billionaire box office champ Aquaman, with Deadpool and The Guardians Of The Galaxy looking to get into “poll” position.


Batman has his hands full with three monosyllabically titled opponents he needs to best if he wants to return to the competition in the next round.


You want the twos? You want the twos? You can’t handle the twos! Essentially, that’s the situation for The Green Hornet in this tricky group.


A bold attempt by the newest Hellboy on the block to steal a march on his more established rivals. But who’s watching out for Watchmen? Will Superhero Movie feel the might of Thor?


Can peppy DC new boy Shazam! say the magic word to advance to the next round? Has Buffy staked her claim or will it be a tussle between the grounded realism of Super and the grand fluorescent camp of Batman v Robin? Holy last group match, Batman!

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