Super Movie Secret Wars – Second Round Day 1

As Doctor Strange might say, we’re in the end game now and from here on out, there’s no safety net, no second chances. Two movies enter, one movie moves on. There are some really tough draws thrown up by the system which sees the winner of one group facing off against the runner-up from another group.

Get your voting fingers ready for the first eight matches of the second round, because the polls are only open until 1800 BST on April 15th and this time you get one vote per match. In the event of a tie, the match will go to a sudden death penalty shoot-out Twitter poll. If that’s still a tie, I’ll toss a coin.

Let’s have a good clean fight and may the best/ most influential/ most important/ most fun movie win!

#SuperMovieSecretWars Shazam! v Power Rangers

It’s a teens in tights throwdown as new boy Shazam takes on the venerable Power Rangers. Ay-ay-ay! Who will win? Can a Mega Thunder Zord take on the lightning bolts of Captain Sparkle Fingers?

#SuperMovieSecretWars Thor v Ant-Man And The Wasp

Let he who is worthy carry this next round. Thor maybe mighty, but Ant-Man has the Wasp watching his back. Could there yet be a sting in the tale? Especially as this isn’t the toughest match awaiting the Asgardian in the second round…

#SuperMovieSecretWars X-Men: First Class v Blade Trinity

Battle of the bad-mouths with X-Men: First Class offering up that sweary Wolverine cameo but then again, Blade: Trinity brought us ‘C**k-juggling thunderc**t’. Choose wisely…

#SuperMovieSecretWars Batman Returns v Punisher: War Zone

Michelle Pfeiffer in a PVC catsuit v Ray Stevenson in a bullet-proof vest. It’s the third Batman movie (counting Batman 1966) against the third Punisher movie. Which vigilante needs to be more vigilant?

#SuperMovieSecretWars Guardians Of The Galaxy v Thor Ragnarok

This is a painful one for MCU fans – and a big question: the movie which trailblazed the style or the movie which took it to new heights? It’s the a-holes versus the Ass-guardians but make no mistake, this tie sounds a bum note for Marvel fans.

#SuperMovieSecretWars Blade v The Mask

Thor isn’t the only one who’s having trouble with Loki, as the Daywalker will be facing off against a frenetic green foe in The Mask. Truth be told, though, this is the first tie that I actually think would make a kick-ass movie in its own right!

#SuperMovieSecretWars Big Hero 6 v Chronicle

Surly teens versus surly teens with a lovable medical robot. Gritty found footage versus polished Disney animation. Make sure you’re satisfied with the care you take in voting for this match.

#SuperMovieSecretWars Avengers Assemble v Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

This is a real heavyweight bout, and while The Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol.2) kick all kinds of ass, can they stand up to the whoopin’ The Avengers handed out in their first big team up success?

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