Super Movie Secret Wars – Second Round Day 3

I feel a great swell of pity for anyone who comes to the Super Movie Secret Wars looking to not vote and from here on out, there’s no safety net, no second chances. Two movies enter, one movie moves on. There are some really tough draws thrown up by the system which sees the winner of one group facing off against the runner-up from another group.

Get your voting fingers ready for the third group of eight matches of the second round, because the polls are only open until 1800 BST on April 17th and this time you get one vote per match. In the event of a tie, the match will go to a sudden-death penalty shoot-out Twitter poll. If that’s still a tie, I’ll toss a coin.

Let’s have a good clean fight and may the best/ most influential/ most important/ most fun movie win!

Holy match-ups, Batman! I hope you’ve got your Ultron-repellant Bat Spray handy because you’ll need it!

It’s a battle of the beards as the Master of the Mystic Arts takes on Marvel’s magnificent metalsmith. No Eye of Agamotto time rewinding allowed!

Two noble Nazi fighters but can The Rocketeer fly high enough to avoid Project Insight?

Is it clobberin’ time or ass-kicking time? Your votes will herald the result!

Having sprouted through to the second round, Swamp Thing might find himself drained by the time travel shenanigans of the X-Men past, present and future.

The Teen Titans must overcome a foe who’s as likely to be a fan of their show as a fan of this showdown.

Thor’s world might be dark, but is it ready to stand up to the noir that Logan’s bringing?

Can Ant-Man steal a spot in the third round or will the Turtles stage a renaissance?

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