Super Movie Secret Wars – Fourth Round

Sending shockwaves through the super movie world, the romance of the Super Movie Secret Wars is alive and well as X-Men: First Class pulled off the upset of the tournament, knocking out perennial favourite The Dark Knight by the narrowest of margins: a single vote. Elsewhere, all three Avengers movies made it through to the last 16, although often at the expense of their member’s solo movies. Superman and Shazam! continue to fly the flag for DC and The Mask and Kick-Ass keep the hope alive for a winner outside of the Marvel/ DC duopoly. When a relative middleweight like X-Men: First Class can knock out a colossus like The Dark Knight, anything can happen.

So, vote, share the polls and get your friends to vote too. Your favourite isn’t safe, your least favourite might win, and all for the want on a single vote.  These eight matches close at 2200 BST on April 21st so make sure you vote before then! In the event of a tie, the match will go to a sudden-death penalty shoot-out Twitter poll. If that’s still a tie, I’ll toss a coin.

Let’s have a good clean fight and may the best/ most influential/ most important/ most fun movie win!

The last son of Krypton takes on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers have the numbers, but can Superman’s groundbreaking importance be underestimated?

Having dealt with Wolverine once already, Baymax’s reward is to face him again, but this time it’s the grizzled, sweary R-rated version.

Loki gets a second chance to take out the Avengers thanks to his Mask. Will somebody stop him? This match is a spicy-a meat-a-ball!

Classic retro superhero action versus classic retro superhero action. One may be a cartoon but they’ve both got heart and wit to spare.

It’s a tough ask for Kick-Ass to get past this Titanic Tentpole but when the Red Mist descends, who knows what could happen?

Newly-minted giant killers, the X-Men class of 1962 take on another venerated Super Movie. Can they pull off yet another upset?

There’s an added dimension to this all-Marvel tie but if Doctor Strange has come to bargain, he might find Hank Pym in no mood to haggle.

Can the age of Ultron overcome the exuberant age of fifteen? Shazam! has the momentum, but the Avengers have the experience.


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