And The Super Movie Secret Wars winner is…


Winner, Winner, Shawarma Dinner!

Beating out its multi-franchise finalising descendant, the OG Avengers emerged triumphant from the bruising crucible of the Super-Movie Secret Wars, edging out Infinity War by a margin of 3 votes.

It’s been quite a tournament, with plenty of surprises along the way.

The group stages – where we lost 64 of the original 128-strong field left a few notable casualties, with the main surprises being Batman v Superman (given its…shall we say loyal? following), X-Men 2 and even billion-dollar box office smash Aquaman failing to make it past the first round.

The Second Round – the first proper knock-out stage – saw another 32 movies hurled out of the competition, and we said goodbye to a whole host of strong contenders here, including Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and both Deadpools. Spider-Man 2 also bit the dust, thanks to a tough tie against perennial favourite The Dark Knight while Superman, admittedly the better movie, knocked Superman II, arguably the more fun movie, out of the running.

The Third Round ties brought the shock defeat of The Dark Knight at the hands of X-Men: First Class and it was a dark day for the Dark Knight as the other remaining Bat-movies were knocked out too. It was a dark day for webheads too, as Homecoming and Into The Spider-verse also went out.

The Fourth round ties brought about a near-total non-MCU wipeout as Shazam!, The Mask, Kick-Ass and Dark Knight-killer X-Men First Class were knocked out along with Doctor Strange and Thor: Ragnarok.

With the quarter-finals set, it was a four-way battle between the Avengers, Captain America, Logan and Ant-Man (and The Wasp) for the crown but in the end, only three of them managed to get movies through to the semis where Logan’s run came to a tragic end, as did Cap’s solo franchise efforts.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier managed to restore pride by besting Logan in the 3rd place playoff:

so the placings for the final rounds are as follows:

1st Avengers Assemble

2nd Place Avengers: Infinity War

3rd Place Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4th Place Logan



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