Trailer Park Shark (2017) #SharkWeak3🦈 Review

By now I’m used to sharksploitation movies being garbage, but “Trailer Park Shark” takes it to a whole new level of Great White trash. Oh, and to save you some time, if you’re thinking of watching this because it ‘stars’ “Sharknado” leading lady Tara Reid, be aware she’s hardly in it at all.

When the residents of a struggling trailer park down find themselves swept up in a plot by a crooked developer to wash their homes away and secure the land, they think their problems amount to a whole bunch of water damage. But the floodwater brings more than just mud and debris with it: there’s a ferocious shark to deal with – one that has a shocking secret.

Leaning into every possible redneck cliché imaginable, this SyFy original movie effort starts dumb and gets dumber by the minute as it picks up a rejected “Dukes Of Hazzard” plot and jams an electric shark into the mix for good measure. An appearance by Dennis Haskins as the villainous developer just makes you sad for the former “Saved By The Bell” principal and really only Lulu Jovovich turns in anything approaching a decent performance.

There’s no consistency to whether the shark has electric powers or not and the depth of the water seems to vary considerably from scene to scene too. Admittedly, it may be the only bad shark movie where a horse gets eaten by a shark but then again it’s also the only film where you’ll hear a horse whinny after it’s had its head bitten off.

Silly, slapdash and saddled with a hideously brown colour palette, “Trailer Park Shark” (known in the UK as “Shark Shock”) is a bumpkin washout.


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