Marvel’s Phase Four And Beyond – What’s next for the MCU?

In just a few short hours, Kevin Feige will take to the stage of Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con and set out the studio’s plans to follow-up from the unprecedented success of The Infinity Saga.

MCU Phase 4 Announced

We already have a pretty good idea that we’re getting a third Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, a fourth Thor movie, a Black Widow movie, The Eternals and Shang-Chi but on top of all that, I’m hoping for many more (hopefully) huge Marvel Studios SDCC surprises, so here’s my wishlist for the future of the MCU:

The Fantastic Four

Surely it goes without saying that Marvel’s First Family finally have their best shot at being done justice on the big screen now they’re home. Plus their rogue’s gallery is second only to Spider-Man’s and the MCU needs Doctor Doom in it! Attempts to bring them to the screen so far have been…mixed?..but there’s too much potential for them to sit on the bench for too long.

Power Pack

At ten years old now, the MCU needs to bring in the next generation of fans to sustain itself for the next decade and why not aim squarely for that future investment by bringing in a younger set of heroes in the MCU who could grow into the new post-blip world? Besides, who doesn’t want to see a horse-headed Kymellian handing out super-powers to pre-teens? Side note: also paves the way for a live-action “Big Hero 6” and we all know which studio loves doing live-action adaptations of its animated movies…

Ms Marvel & Squirrel Girl

Speaking of building a younger demographic for the future,  it’s waaay past time for Kamala Khan and Doreen Green to make their live-action debut. Give them separate movies before a team-up, ideally, but however you do it, get them in there, and then cross them over with Power Pack, Big Hero 6 and whoever else for the “Young Avengers”!



The Defenders

With most of the established MCU big-hitters now turning their attentions towards the heavens, there’s a gap opening up for street-level heroes in the wider MCU. Why not give the Netflix heroes a last hurrah by fully embracing them in the cinematic universe and bringing them to the big screen to really let loose? Bolster the team with some selected other heroes (Hawkeye, Moon-Knight? She-Hulk?) and maybe other rookie heroes looking for mentoring too and you’ve got yourself a great boot camp/ academy for would-be Avengers and a back-up support team for when things get really rowdy on Earth.

Alpha Flight

We all know they’re going to introduce the X-Men at some point and sooner rather than later so why not start this time by launching a completely different team? Alpha Flight gives you everything you need to introduce mutants, an interesting and different power set, good character dynamics, diversity and, if you must, a direct link to Wolverine and then on the X-Men proper.



Captain Britain

While the cosmic side of the MCU is bursting at the seems with current and pending heroes, the mystical side seems a little sparse. Doctor Strange can’t be on call all the time so there’s a need for more mystical heroes in the MCU.  The Black Knight and Moon Knight are potentials but why not go straight for the already teased in “Endgame”  hero entwined in Arthurian legend and magic? If the MCU can make a shining beacon of international hope out of Captain America against the backdrop of real-world America, then there’s never been a better time to bring Captain Britain to the big screen to provide some much-needed succour to the fractured British psyche.

The Inhumans

But, you know, properly this time.



Secret Wars

Yeah, Infinity War and Endgame were great and all but I want to see everyone and I mean everyone on screen in a giant battle royale at the beck and call of The Beyonder! Why he could even bring back characters long thought dead such as Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Vision as well as heroes – and villains – from other universes/ realities like other Spider-Men, other Fantastic Fours (Chris Evans will be very busy), other X-Men (both generations)… guaranteed $4billion box office.

So, there you have it – that’s what I’m dreaming of for the MCU.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Marvel has got in store for us in the years to come.


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