Oh, Ramona! (2019) Review

Oh Ramona Review

Sometimes when you’re rooting around in the depths of Netflix, like it’s some kind of televisual T K Maxx, you come across something so vulgar and garish that you can’t help but try it on. Such is “Oh, Ramona!”, a Romanian coming-of-age comedy directed by Cristina Jacob and based on the novel “Suck It, Ramona!” by Andrei Ciobanu.

Andrei stands on the cusp of manhood and navigating the final years of high school and dealing with a crush on Ramona, the hottest girl in school. Rejected by his crush, he goes on holiday and meets Anemona, who is apparently seduced by his charming dorkiness. As Andrei sex life goes into overdrive, he finds himself torn between the two girls he loves.

Imagine, if you will, a witless, oversexed adolescent sex comedy with pretensions of being the next “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” and you’re pretty close to the crass, deeply misogynist incel fantasy that is “Oh, Ramona!”.

There’s not really a plot, per se, just a series of self-narrated vignettes detailing Andrei’s improbable and improbably rapid rise from awkward virgin to – and this is a direct quote – “pussy destroyer” which doesn’t once feel authentic or even credible. There’s a vacuous coyness when it comes to nudity and explicit scenes, often substituted with food-based visual metaphors which admittedly occasional raise a wry smile but the whole movie is just so transparently, braggadociously thirsty that what little wit it can muster is swamped by the sheer geasy, hormanal teenagerness of it all.

The performances are fair to poor and while “Oh, Ramona!” might be good for a salacious giggle if you’re a particularly undemanding 12-year-old boy, it’s so far from the films it thinks it’s like (“American Pie”, “Porky’s”) that its self-delusion ends up being the most offensive thing about this misbegotten mess.