A Low Key 10th Anniversary

I don’t think, in any of the times I thought about the idea of What The Craggus Saw reaching the ten-year milestone, this post is what I had in mind. In fact, my most common fantasy of the blog’s 10th Anniversary was that it would be a grand finale, drawing the curtain down on ten years of movie, TV and occasional pop culture blogging after ten years of constant output. Alas it was not to be. The road to this 10th Anniversary began with a hiatus to see if I could regain the spark which had ebbed away in the latter half of 2021 and last year a grandiose plan to be “back” and find my way back into the writing groove.

And so I did – intermittently, managing a grand total of three posts in 2023. I’ve found myself stuck in a cycle of bursts of nascent enthusiasm followed by a lack of follow-through, usually driven by day-to-day life, work, other distractions and competing priorities.

Part of the problem which drove me to my original haitus (from which, let’s be honest, I still haven’t really come back from) was a sense of pressure I put on myself with endless lists of backlogged reviews, and plans for other features and for every attempt I’ve made to get back into the swing of it, my focus has been ambitious planning (and then re-planning endlessly) rather than doing.

I still feel the urge to write (and do it myself rather than outsource it to some generative AI) and I still find myself jotting down notes and observations after seeing a movie at the cinema or at home – for a while, I even stopped going to the cinema very much, if you’re wondering how serious things got – so I think the best way I can mark this 10th Anniversary is to just take it slow and easy.

So, there’s no bombastic ending to this post, no list of coming attractions, features or plans for review seasons, no pledges which I’ll end up using to beat myself up with. Just a simple decision that I’m not quite done with blogging, at least not yet. What that means, I guess we’ll see when we reach the 11th anniversary this time next year – hopefully!


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  1. ManInBlack June 8, 2023

    Congrats! Happy 10th Blogiversary!

  2. Sweetie Gonzalez June 12, 2023

    Happy Decadeiversary Craggus.
    Sorry you’ve been not being feeling as positive toward writing as you used to, just remember to keep enjoying the films and shows and im sure the spark will return when she’s ready.
    Here’s to another 10yrs xx
    Lots of love
    Sweetie Gonzalez

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