What The Craggus Saw started out as the occasional Facebook post about movies I’d seen.  I’d give films a score out of 10, then started adding a couple of lines comment plus the score and then a paragraph (or two) and a score and eventually I found I wanted to say more so I moved my reviews off Facebook and into the blogosphere (do people still say blogosphere?).

Generally, I’ll try and stay spoiler free – at least for new films (and if I do stray into Spoiler territory, it’ll be for a good reason and I’ll slap a warning across the top of the post). If I’m reviewing an old film or TV shows, I’ll discuss plot details if needed and although I have some understanding of the technical side of film-making, I’ll generally come at films and TV shows by how they made me and the family feel and how much I enjoyed it.

The blog started out being just about movie reviews, but now it’s branched out into TV reviews (especially “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who”) and general entertainment news and opinions. I even find time for the occasional book and video game review and, really, anything that piques my interest.

There’s a search bar on the homepage if you’re looking for a particular film or you can browse and search by year, genre, actor or anything else you can think of.

Who Is The Craggus?

I’m just a guy who loves the cinema, movies and genre TV in general. I don’t get to premieres or press screenings, I just go to the cinema as often as I can (and as often as my family will let me!) and I try to get to see films as soon after release as possible. Occasionally I’ll get it into my head to do a themed season of reviews.

The Mertmas

I’m also often accompanied by my eleven-year-old son The Mertmas (his nickname/ nom de plume) so you’ll get two perspectives for the price of one on many films. Friday nights are movie nights in the Craggus household and pretty soon, you’ll be seeing Mertmas’ Friday Night Movies.

The Littlest Craggling

A cinema veteran since a few weeks shy of her second birthday, it’s high time at the age of 4 (soon to be 5) she started pulling her weight so you’ll increasingly see her contributions and opinions popping up in reviews too.

Sweetie G

We also feature occasional contributions from SweetieG, erstwhile baker and horror movie aficionado. I used to live in hope that I’d manage to get her to review something other than horror one day but since she reviewed the first Harry Potter film, now I spend my time keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll remember when her deadlines are.

Superb Owl

Our newest recruit is our Trailer correspondent. Usually only employed once a year to cover the Superbowl movie trailerpalooza, we’ve decided to keep him around on a permanent basis to cover all the latest movie trailers and tell you whether the hype is worth giving a hoot.



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