Movie blogging isn’t all about writing, it’s about enjoying other movie blogs too, so here are some blogs that – if you don’t already – I highly recommend you checking out:


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I’m also starting to get into listening to podcasts, and these are the movie-related ones I’m currently enjoying. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I’ll check them out and add them to this page!

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Cineworld – my local cinema and the pioneers of the subscription cinema model. I’ve been an Unlimited member for four years. Click on the logo if you’re interested in joining up yourself.  If you use this code: RAF-00LT-24HL-61JX-70RM, you’ll get one month free (full disclosure, so will I 🙂 )
A bit further away, but my favourite local cinema and my only practical IMAX option. The Limitless scheme isn’t anywhere near as good as Cineworld’s Unlimited scheme (as I expand on here) but their nachos can’t be beat.
Another local option, just a short walk from Southampton’s Cineworld (of which Picturehouse are subsidiaries), it’s a good option for more niche or “art house” movies which don’t get a look-in at the local multiplex. A real home from home for cinephiles, thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of the staff.
  Newly opened and I’ve only been there a couple of times but it’s an impressive cinema. Definitely a luxury option but if I’m in the mood to treat myself, it’s definitely an option. Also has occasional exclusive screenings, so worth joining up their free membership scheme (discounts on tickets too).
  Who doesn’t have Netflix now, right? If you don’t they still offer a generous 30-day free trial which means even if you don’t keep your subscription going, you’ll just about have enough time to see all their must-see exclusive shows.
  Rapidly catching up with Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video offering is generating plenty of original content while also having a more flexible back catalogue which offers the option to rent (at extra cost) a much wider selection of titles both modern and classic. They also offer a 30-day free trial, allowing access to all their Prime content.
   A recent addition to my blogging toolkit, thanks to the sad demise of Amazon’s LoveFilm service at the end of October. They have a wide range of titles and are better for more obscure and classic titles than Amazon Prime or Netflix. There’s also something nostalgically romantic about ‘renting’ physical media, and it gets delivered directly to your door, so it’s easy, lazy nostalgia which is, of course, the best kind of nostalgia. They offer a standard free trial for 14 days but if you click the logo to the left, you’ll get a special offer 30-day free trial.