Doctor Who: The Sirens Of Time (BF001) Review

The Sirens Of Time Review

Back in the dark days of the end of the last millennium, things looked bleak for Whovian fandom. The TV movie was a still divisive but fading memory and the prospects of any new “Doctor Who” were but a distant dream. Into this dark space, Big Finish shone a bright light of hope. Founded in … Continue reading Doctor Who: The Sirens Of Time (BF001) Review

The Great British Blake Off: The 40th Anniversary of Blake’s 7

Forty years ago, at 6:00pm on Tuesday 2nd January 1978, the BBC launched a new science fiction adventure series: “Blake’s 7”. With its prime slot on the New Year Bank Holiday Monday, this certainly wasn’t a low key launch for Terry ‘Creator of the Daleks’ Nation’s latest sci-fi extravaganza and it proved to be quite … Continue reading The Great British Blake Off: The 40th Anniversary of Blake’s 7

What if The Doctor had always been a woman?

With all the fuss and noise over the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor Who, it got me thinking about how it would have been if The Doctor had always been a Time Lady. So, for my 700th Blog Post I thought it would be fun to fan cast the history of Doctor … Continue reading What if The Doctor had always been a woman?

My Daughter’s Doctor

We are mere minutes away from finding out who will become the sixteenth actor to portray Doctor Who in the Time Lord's fifteenth incarnation: The 13th Doctor is nigh (not Nighy, although that would be kind of awesome). I've always held to the theory that "your" Doctor isn't the one you first start watching, it's … Continue reading My Daughter’s Doctor

A Dozen Summers (2015) Review

Opening at selected UK cinemas today, microbudget indie comedy “A Dozen Summers” offers a quirky, sweet and ambitiously off-the-wall coming of age story of two 12 year old girls, Maisie (Scarlett Hall) and Daisy McCormack (Hero Hall) who hijack a passing film crew and use the tools and tricks of cinema to explore and make … Continue reading A Dozen Summers (2015) Review

Doctor Who News: RIP Maggie Stables

Not movie related, but I've literally just learned of the sad passing of Maggie Stables on Monday 29th September, who played Dr Evelyn Smythe - one of the best companions the Doctor ever had. If you haven't heard of her, it may be because she wasn't a companion in the TV series but instead appeared … Continue reading Doctor Who News: RIP Maggie Stables

The Regeneration Game (1966-2010)

I’ve been a fan of “Doctor Who” since I can remember, and certainly way, way back before it was cool to like Doctor Who. I followed it from its Saturday teatime slot, through experimental Monday Tuesday scheduling and suicidal Wednesday showdowns with soap operas to cancellation. Through the wilderness years I waited, had my hopes … Continue reading The Regeneration Game (1966-2010)