Robinson Crusoe (2016) Review

The latest Euro-animation project, following the likes of “Justin And The Knights Of Valour” and “Capture The Flag”, “Robinson Crusoe” is a French/ Belgian co-production based very (very) loosely on the famous novel by Daniel Defoe. In fact, so loose is the adaptation that the likely reason it was called “Robinson Crusoe” at all was … Continue reading Robinson Crusoe (2016) Review

The House Of Magic (2014) Review

As ephemeral as a conjuring trick, "The House Of Magic" makes just as much of an impact. Mildly diverting at the time but almost instantly forgettable, it's a decently made but disposable animated movie. When a kitten is abandoned unceremoniously by his owner, he finds his way to a creepy old house where he is … Continue reading The House Of Magic (2014) Review