Unfriended (2015) Review

I have to say, I honestly thought the first real foray into ‘social networking’ horror movie would be some form of Snapchat exchange movie, where the plot unfolds in a series of 10 second vignettes building up to some shocking twist. [Actually, that’s not a bad idea for a cheap and terrible horror movie. Hollywood, … Continue reading Unfriended (2015) Review

What The Craggus Saw… is a double Liebster Award winner!

Recognition is always exciting and gratifying, and unsolicited recognition from your peers is exponentially more so – especially when you’ve only got to know them through a shared interest (movies) and a shared hobby* (blogging). What is a Liebster Award? Well, first and foremost, it’s a prestigious award given to bloggers by bloggers as a … Continue reading What The Craggus Saw… is a double Liebster Award winner!

A Brief Moment Of Self-Promotion

I'm going multi-platform and have set up a Facebook page for "What The Craggus Saw...". I appreciate the Hell out of everyone who takes the time to swing by and read my reviews and I'd love for you to click the "Like" button on my Facebook page and, if the mood takes you, stay a … Continue reading A Brief Moment Of Self-Promotion