UglyDolls (2019) ain’t got no alibi.

UglyDolls Review

A little bit of “Toy Story”, a little bit of “Monsters Inc” and a whole lot of cynical box-ticking does not an animated classic make. In the adorable fabric world of Uglyville, the Moxy (Kelly Clarkson) yearns for the day when she will be chosen by a child of her very own to be loved … Continue reading UglyDolls (2019) ain’t got no alibi.

Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018) Review

You may think it’s a bit too early for a “Ready Player One” remake but Disney certainly don’t as they blend that movie’s exploitative nostalgia with a shameless approach to product placement so cynical, it would make “The Emoji Movie” blush. When Ralph (John C Reilly) accidentally breaks an important part of ‘Sugar Rush’, the … Continue reading Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018) Review

Escape From Planet Earth (2013) Review

It’s taken just over a year for “Escape From Planet Earth” to open in the UK after its debut in the USA but has it been worth the wait? It’s the first theatrical release from Canadian animation outfit Rainmaker Entertainment, the studio behind “Beast Wars: Transformers” and those interminable straight to DVD “Barbie” movies. The … Continue reading Escape From Planet Earth (2013) Review