What Underwater (2020) lacks in depth it makes up for in pressure.

You know that scene in “Fast & Furious 8” when Dom, vacationing in Cuba, is forced into racing his nephew’s clapped out motor against the local street racing kingpin? Before the race, they strip that jalopy of every ounce of unnecessary weight, stripping it down to the bare essentials creating a lean, efficient racing machine….

Spies In Disguise (2019) is a pleasant post-Christmas surprise

Tom Holland, for the second time this year, finds himself on an unexpected adventure in Venice in BlueSky’s amiable family-friendly animated action movie “Spies In Disguise”. Together with Will Smith, who seems to have rediscovered his 1990’s happy-go-lucky charm this year, the two of them take on the villainous Killian, voiced – of course –…

There’s no need to throw your hands up at Charlie’s Angels (2000)

There’s a general rule to bringing a classic TV show to the big screen and it either involves going bigger – in stunts and special effects – or deeper, digging into the mythology. The millennial sequel to “Charlie’s Angels” does both. Commissioned to locate Eric Knox (Sam Rockwell) the kidnapped CEO of Knox Industries, Charlie’s…

Le Mans ’66 (2019) will get your motor running

Based on an incredible true story and bringing one of motor racing’s unsung heroes to due prominence, “Le Mans ‘66” (or, if you prefer – as many seem to – “Ford v Ferrari”) tells the fascinating story of how consumer motor giant Ford took on luxury carmaker Ferrari in a ruthless battle for dominance over…

Red Sparrow (2018) Review

Disney and Marvel can at least rest easy: “Red Sparrow” certainly isn’t the “Black Widow” solo movie by another name its marketing might have initially suggested. Instead, it’s something of a convoluted pseudo- John le Carré caper which leans heavily on sex, nudity and violence to disguise its flimsy characters and overcomplicated espionage shell game….