Doctor Who: The Timeless Children (S12E10) Review

*SPOILERS* After last week’s cobbled together chaotic opener, “The Timeless Children” continues Season 12’s trend of two-part continuations which aren’t really two-part stories. With the arrival of The Master on the scene, the Cybermen and their Cyberprophet are relegated to disposable henchmen as the real master plan, Chibnall’s master plan, takes centre stage and he…

Doctor Who: Fugitive Of The Judoon (S12E05) Review

*SPOILERS* Time to dial up a confession of my own – when the writing credits for this week’s episode resolved and Chibnall’s name was there alongside Vinay Patel (writer of last year’s ‘Demons Of The Punjab’) I feared that he’d decided to meddle in what might have had the chance of being a decent script….