Doctor Who: Fugitive Of The Judoon (S12E05) Review

*SPOILERS* Time to dial up a confession of my own – when the writing credits for this week’s episode resolved and Chibnall’s name was there alongside Vinay Patel (writer of last year’s ‘Demons Of The Punjab’) I feared that he’d decided to meddle in what might have had the chance of being a decent script….

Doctor Who: Nikola Tesla’s Night Of Terror (S12E04) Review

*SPOILERS* Despite the wincingly bad title of “Nikola Tesla’s Night Of Terror” – bed enough to rival “Let’s Kill Hitler” and nearly enough to make me long for one of Chibnall’s dad-joke puns, this is a welcome return to the series’ core values of edutainment: a breezy historical romp which offers just enough information about…