24/007: The Complete Craggus’ Bond Voyage

Every Bond movie retrospective, in release order, for your reading convenience. Click on Craggus' Bond Voyage at the end of each review to return here. *SPOILERS*                                                                           … Continue reading 24/007: The Complete Craggus’ Bond Voyage

Casino Royale (1967) Review

Psych! You thought we were heading for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", didn't you? Well, we will get there but as Craggus’ Bond Voyage makes its way through the movie history of the world’s most famous secret agent, there are a couple of stops off the main highway that are worth taking a look at. … Continue reading Casino Royale (1967) Review

Supergirl (1984) Review

Those bemoaning the current lack of female-led superhero movies probably feel entitled to lay some of the blame at the feet of 1984’s “Supergirl” however, although it was a box-office flop on its release, it's by no means as bad as its reputation would have you believe. Spinning off from the increasingly lacklustre Christopher Reeve … Continue reading Supergirl (1984) Review