New Star Trek TV Series: Craggus’ Dream Casting

Cause for celebration! "Star Trek" is heading back where it's always been strongest: serialised television (albeit on a subscription only streaming service in the US although time will tell). At present there's no word on what format the TV series will take, where it will be set (Prime universe or Abramsverse) and what it will … Continue reading New Star Trek TV Series: Craggus’ Dream Casting

Grabbers (2012) Review

When a trawler crew witness a meteor splash down in the sea off the coast of Ireland, they naturally go to investigate and are never heard from again. Meanwhile, on nearby Erin Island, alcoholic Garda officer Ciarán O'Shea (Richard Coyle) is reluctantly welcoming his new partner, bright-eyed, eager and by the book Garda Lisa Nolan … Continue reading Grabbers (2012) Review