Jaws 3-D (1983) #SharkWeak3🦈 Review

Jaws 3-D Review

It’s clear from the moment the opening credits start that something has gone very wrong with the “Jaws” franchise. Everything instantly looks cheaper as the new production team bring in a tackier, naffer aesthetic to the whole set-up. Director Joe Alves is certainly no Steven Spielberg and he’s not even a Jeannot Swarzc but then … Continue reading Jaws 3-D (1983) #SharkWeak3🦈 Review

Just Larson About: Glen A Larson (1937-2014)

Glen A Larson (1937-2014) I've just heard that American TV Writer and Producer Glen A Larson has died at the age of 77. It's sad news because he was a huge, almost mythical and yet mysterious figure in my childhood entertainment. The name Glen A Larson was a hallmark of quality, okay maybe not actual … Continue reading Just Larson About: Glen A Larson (1937-2014)