Doctor Who: Death In Heaven (S8E12) Review

*SPOILERS* As the brief cold open crashed into the opening credits, my heart was warmed by the thought of hundreds of bitter, angry Whovians, who were only hate watching the episode to stoke their rage about Missy’s reveal last week, doing a hilarious spit take at Clara’s declaration that she, in fact, had been the … Continue reading Doctor Who: Death In Heaven (S8E12) Review

The Giver (2014) Review

So we find ourselves back in 'adaptation of a beloved young adult novel' territory with the long-in-development movie of Lois Lowry's 1993 novel. I like to think, in the mad scramble to snap up every halfway popular young adult novel after "Twilight" hit it big, that there was some executive who greenlit this in the … Continue reading The Giver (2014) Review