Hunter Killer (2018) Review

At last, a movie for modern day America: one where the people colluding with the Russian president are the good guys! When an American submarine, shadowing a Russian sub witness their target suffer an explosion and sink, they are themselves torpedoed by an unknown assailant before they can report home. The USS Arkansas, with newly … Continue reading Hunter Killer (2018) Review

Godzilla (2014) Review

Hey, look! Spielberg’s back – late 70’s/ early 80’s Spielberg. I thought he was gone forever! Wait, what? You mean he’s not? Well, call him and tell we don’t need him anymore. Director Gareth Edwards’ sophomore effort is visually spectacular, cleverly constructed and expertly paced throwback to the great action adventure films of the 70’s … Continue reading Godzilla (2014) Review

The Final Countdown (1980) Review

Dear Hollywood, I know it's not something you would normally ever consider doing, but I'd like to suggest - nominate, if you will - the film "The Final Countdown" - as a property ripe for a reboot or reimagination or whatever you're calling it nowadays. It tells the story of the USS Nimitz which, thanks … Continue reading The Final Countdown (1980) Review