Jurassic World: Battle At Big Rock (2019) will make you hunger for the third movie…

Exploring the ramifications of the fateful decision made by Maisie at the end of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, the new short film “Battle At Big Rock” from director Colin Trevorrow looks to whet the appetite for the forthcoming third instalment of the “Jurassic World” series and, at just over eight minutes packs in enough tension, thrills and impact to leave us not just hungry for the next instalment, but ravenous.

When a family camping trip is interrupted by a family of foraging Nasutoceratops, a young family look on in wonder but their fascination quickly turns to terror when an Allosaurus arrives. Unable to make a meal of the herbivores, the predator turns its attentions to the ‘canned goods’ on offer, tearing into the motorhomes to get to the people inside.

There are no familiar characters on offer in “Battle At Big Rock” and none of the big-name dino stars of the franchise but that’s a real strength of the short, allowing Trevorrow and co-writer Emily Carmichael to really dive into the wonder and dangers of a world where dinosaurs once again roam at will. It’s a tantalising glimpse at what the franchise may have in store for us and manages to recapture the perfect balance of adventure and horror of the original “Jurassic Park” while still feeling fresh and evolved.

Keep watching right through the credits where Trevorrow, having concluded the campfire tale, drops in snippets of footage showing a selection of other ways dinosaurs are impacting life on Earth. One thing’s for sure, after “The Battle Of Big Rock” it’s going to feel like another 65 million years until we get to see “Jurassic World 3”



You can watch the full short here:

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